Hukumonline Law Festival for Start-Ups and SMEs
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This event is set to attract thousands of participants drawn from a wide range of backgrounds who are ready to collaborate, including start-ups/SME players, incubators, accelerators, venture-capital companies, social-enterprise players, social-enterprise communities, CSOs and grant agencies. These participants will be able to connect with reputable legal practitioners and will be exposed to valuable knowledge and understanding regarding legal issues and compliance.
Hukumonline Law Festival for Start-Ups and SMEs
Date & Time
Tue - Thurs, 24-26 November 2020
09.30 – 16.00 WIB (Jakarta Time)
What You'll Get 
We are excited to have you on board for this event, and by registering you will receive the following:
All Access to 3 Days Webinar
Free Legal Consultation by phone for the first 100 participants*
All access to speakers’ presentation
3 days full access to Hukumonline Law Festival only IDR 500.000 
Use voucher code: PROMO-NOV and input 3 qty to activate this promo
Keynote Speakers & Speakers 
Keynote Speakers
Wishnutama Kusubandio*
Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia
  • Dr. Freddy Harris, S.H., LL.M. (Director General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia)
  • Santun Maspari S.H., M.H (Director of Civil Department, Directorate General of Legal Administrative Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia)
  • Dr. Riyatno, S.H., LL.M (Deputy Chairman for Investment Cooperation, BKPM)
  • Hendri Sasmita Yudha (Personal Data Protection Governance Coordinator, Ministry of Communications and Informatics Republic of Indonesia)
  • Eddi Danusaputro, (CEO Mandiri Capital Indonesia)
  • Abadi Abi Tisnadisastra (Partner, AKSET Law)
  • Lia Alizia (Managing Partner, Makarim & Taira S.)
  • Dewi Soeharto (Partner, Assegaf Hamzah & Partners)
  • Dewi Savitri Reni (Partner, SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants)
  • Leo Faraytody (CEO Easybiz)
  • Louise Patricia Esmeralda (Co-Founder, Socolas)
  • Ade Novita (Senior Advisor,
  • Natasya Monica (Legal & Compliance Department, Mandiri Capital)
  • Adithya Wirawan Putra (In House Legal Counsel, Tokopedia)
  • Nalendra Wibowo (Associate, Assegaf Hamzah & Partners)
  • Achmad Faisal Rachman (Associate, Assegaf Hamzah & Partners)
  • Bima Danubrata Adhijoso (Associate, SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants)
*) to be confirmed
Day 1 - Tue, 24 Nov 2020
  • Keynote Speech & Opening by Wishnutama Kusubandio (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia)*
  • Digging Deeper into Business Licenses and Permits
  • Sharing Session I: Survival in Financial Crisis: Things You Need to Know About Debt By Justika
  • Understanding Legal Contract: Avoiding Legal Risks
Day 2 – Wed, 25 Nov 2020
  • Intellectual Property: Legal Framework in Developing Your Own Brand
  • Privacy Battle: Do's and Don'ts in Collecting Users Personal Data
Day 3 – Thu, 26 Nov 2020
  • Sharing Session II: Thriving-Post Pandemic: VC’s Perspective to Invest in Start-Ups by Eddi Danusaputro, CEO – Mandiri Capital Indonesia
  • Knowing and Understanding Social Enterprises in Indonesia
  • Level Up Your Business: Investment and Legal Aspect
**) Note that all of these sessions will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia and that the agenda may be subject to changes. To see all the schedule, please find the Program Booklet as attached, or download through this link
Please fill out the registration form and get your ticket by clicking on this link or by simply visiting our website
Contact Person 
For further information, please email us at [email protected]
Attn. Fisca Dahlia/ Erwin Samuel and our team will contact you immediately.


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